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  • “The level of service we have experienced from Gogo Fish has been of the highest quality from the making of the mascot costumes, to their routine cleaning and minor repairs; no task has ever been too great for the O’Connor team.”Martine L. Pitt Communicare Inc.
  • “The Rick the Rock suit made by Gogo Fish has been a real hit in schools, local communities and game days. This is due to the colour of the suit, the amazing resemblance to an Eagle and the durability of the materials used. Despite the suit being used thousands of times it is still looking great and receiving praise from many in the community.”Tom RoachSchools Schools and Community Developement Officer
  • “I just wanted to say a very big thank you to Catherine and your team for the amazing job you have done on our mascot – Cheers for Ears Charlie. He looks fantastic and has exceeded our expectations!”Natalie Leishman Ear Science Institute Australia
  • “I have dealt with Elisha for a number of years and find her passionate about all she does relating to looking after her customers. No request is too out there and her mascot service has got to be the best in Australia, hands down”Simon Leads Development
  • “From the first point of contact, the entire staff at Gogo Fish were nothing short of extraordinary! With an initial concept in mind they were able to turn around a fabulous mascot that is an enormous hit with our staff and customers”Lisa Big W Advertising Woolworths Ltd


How a mascot can improve your business


Mascots get noticed. When people see a mascot they are instantly drawn to it, they are more likely to stop and listen to what it has to say. Ever noticed how a crowd quickly gathers around a mascot in a shopping mall?


Mascots increase brand awareness. If an appealing character can work its way into the public consciousness it will become an instant recognisable symbol of your company or product.


A friendly image that can be entertaining to watch and at the same time send a strong positive message to your potential customers.


A good mascot can appeal to a wide demographic across all age groups and backgrounds. Mascots can even transcend languages and cultures.


If a mascot becomes popular, lucrative licensing opportunities open up to all sorts of profitable merchandise. Mascots can make you money while at the same time raising awareness of your company or product. Mascots have made their way into almost every niche of marketing, from car insurance to breakfast cereals and have taken many companies to new and exciting levels. With all the positive and progressive steps that adding a mascot has made for company branding, now is the time to breathe new life into your branding, now is the time to get your company noticed.

Why you need Mascot

When it comes to shooting your brand visibility above and making your product aware to the customers, one of the best ways to do is to have a logo or a mascot that truly defines your brand and product. At Gogo Fisht International, we will give you perfect costumes for your mascot or logo based upon the design you select. Whether it is working on a design given by the client or we are required to present something from our end after an in depth study about the brand, we are very much comfortable with both the fronts.

Gogo fish international – Masacot costume maker Australia

We have been one of the best names in the mascot and logo costume maker markets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. As a costume maker Brisbane, we ensure the best quality costumes for our clients and nothing less. Our aim is to furnish the best custom made costumes Sydney for the clients that will be a pillar in the marketing schemes. Our previous clients have always appreciated our custom made costumes Melbourne which is very evident from the testimonials we receive after our services. As a renowned costume maker Adelaide, we focus all our resources in giving the best mascot costumes which are flawless in their physical appearance and also in design so that the costumes not only live up to the client’s reputation but also stand as testimony to our work.

Not only do we provide brand new costumes for the mascots and logos, we also provide for the repairs, if any, for the mascot costumes Perth that we produce. Whatever be the extent of repair required in the costume, we will provide you an exact estimate, along with the shipping details so that you have the finest costume.

Have a look at our previous work and feel free to get in touch with us through call or email. Our team of experts will give you the best solution for your mascot costumes.

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