About Cath

Cath has a varied background in retail, logistics, corporate events and clowning.  Yep, our Cath started her costume career as a clown complete with massive shoes and red nose but there’s a serious side to her too as she has also produced the most elaborate Victorian costumes for the Venice Carnivale.
Despite revamping her wardrobe every weekend Cath managed to get through the eighties pretty much unscathed and even managed to destroy the photographic evidence of her car-crash fashion along the way. As resident first aider and health and safety rep none of us are particularly worried about any major fashion faux pas, Cath always ensures there’s a large safety net to catch us if we fall.
Since joining Gogo Fish in June 2012 Cath’s focus has been on construction and managing all costume refurbishments or the Emergency Room as it’s known. It’s not quite an inner city trauma unit and she doesn’t have a machine that goes ping but she’s awesome with a glue gun and quick too, turning around the shabbiest of characters in no time to get them back on the streets to their fans.


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