About Michele

As a child Michelle used to gather scrap fabric, jump on her Gran’s treadle Singer machine and turn out amazing haute couture for her dolls of a quality that even Coco Chanel would have found inspirational. After a short stint dallying with upholstery and furniture restoration her career choice saw her move into nursing leaving behind any dreams of the Paris catwalk, the Barbie fashion studio and sewing as a distant memory.
You can’t shake off those early childhood dreams though and when her time on a hospital ward ended she returned to college to study fashion and textiles and then began a new career as a trainee with Gogo Fish.
Working here is a lot like nursing, some of those poor costumes can have the puff knocked out of them so now, because of her nursing experience, as well as one of the Gogo Fish production specialists Michelle also helps in the mascot ED. If anyone remembers the TV show ER it’s a lot like that… with costumes… and glue… but no George Clooney… which is just as well as we’d never get any work done.


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