Benefits of a Company Mascot


A Mascot, or spokescharacter, is an excellent branding tool that can increase recognition with your company and products. Most commonly based around people, animals, or objects, mascots help your audience to better identify, remember, and understand your company and products as well as generate interest and increase exposure.

Unlike spokespeople that will age, or do something to damage your brand, mascots are ageless brand representatives that help your audience develop a closer relationship with your products. They can even be turned into toys and sold!

What should your Mascot say about your business?

When looking into a mascot, your company needs to:

  1. Identify what the key personas are to best target your product or service.
  2. What type of character will respond favourably to the target audience.
  3. Is there, a context to be leveraged?
  4. Brand relevance is critical. Be sure to make sense.
  5. Determine the character’s “voice.” Is it graceful or awkward? slothful or diligent? Imaginative or analytical? Try relate it to how people perceive your companies persona and values.

How a Mascot can benefit your business:

1. Build brand recognition of a product

  • Generate amity for the brand
  • Act as an ambassador for the brand
  • Act as a memorable marketing tool for promotional campaigns

People are constantly flooded with marketing messages so you need to go the extra mile to stand out. A Mascot can get attention. When people see a mascot they are more likely to stop and listen to what he/she/it has to say.
2. Increased exposure of company

  • Highly effective in creating awareness, building loyalty and importantly, selling the product
  • Mascots create media exposure and excitement. At community events, the mascot is often photographed for print media or filmed for TV news

A good mascot is memorable. If an appealing character can work its way into the public consciousness it will become an instantly recognisable symbol for a product. When you look at the Constable Care you immediately think of the WA Police Force. You see the Rick the Rock Eagle and think of West Coast Eagles Football Team. The company logo is barely an afterthought. The mascot says it all.
3. Appeal to the human psyche

  • A mascot’s personality can distinguish your brand.

Mascots are fun and entertaining to watch. A likeable spokescharacter can instantly create a positive connection with your potential customers. Not only will they attract new potential customers that will want to learn more about your company. They can also create enthusiasm for sporting or fundraising events, drawing large crowds and getting you attention that simply a logo won’t!
To find out more about Gogo Fish International and to get more information about having a custom Mascot made for your company call 0428 447 580 or email info@gogofish.com.au

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